It was that time of year again. My yearly halloween session with Lisa and the clan was another success. Been working with Lisa & the kids since 2011 and every year has just been better and better. I have to say, I think these shoots are my favorite to do and what I really count on and look forward to every year. They are so fun and have no limits. I love their ideas and love seeing what they will bring to the table and have in store for me year after year. Heres a little taste of this years epic shoot...

The kids are my favorite part of these halloween sessions. They are always so down for whatever ideas Lisa & I have. They do what it takes to get the shot, and I love seeing them get into character. You guys are the best!

Mike was a nice addition to this years shoot, was so on point with everything: posing, makeup, bringing that extra touch of creepy, put these photos on a whole other level.. 

Thank you lisa for raising such cool kids and having such crazy, creative minds. Thank you for continuing to work with me and giving me a new challenge every year..cant wait to see what you guys have for me next October.


Happy halloween everyone!