Beautiful bohemian baby vibes this past weekend as I had the honor of shooting yet another milestone in one of my best friends lives. Steph & Jey are expecting their first child & I can't be more excited for the arrival of baby Ezra! They're going to be such great parents, I can't wait to seem them take on that title and raise this little boy to be as cool, funny, respectful, & amazing as them. Heres some photos from our outdoor session in Thousand Oaks...

I have to say, and it may be because this is one of my best friends, but shooting with Steph & Jey is always one of my favorite sessions. They photograph so well, such naturals, makes my job such a breeze.

..Style always on point. Loved the outfit change here! Steph has always been a little fashionista, was always ahead of the high school, she wore sandals that we referred to as "the jesus sandals" (this was of course before those type of sandals became popular) sorry steph I had to throw that in lol. Us teasing her never phased her tho, she always stuck to her guns, had her own style and did her own thing, i love that about her. 

For all you moms, soon to be moms or anyone that enjoys a well curated blog, I urge you to PLEASE check out Stephs blog that she has with another wonderful & stylish momma, Iris Hammonds, at and follow them on Instagram at mommiesinspanglish.

Besides tryna' beat the heat, this evening was just beautiful and almost magical watching them together in this open, calm field while the sun slowly started to set behind them. They're relationship & way of life has always been inspiring to me, watching them this day was just another reminder of how great they really are together & individually. This child has no idea how lucky he is & how loved he's going to be.


32 weeks pregnant & this woman just glows with beauty!!!

 Hurry up baby Ezra, we're all excited to meet you! XO

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