So its been a while since last uploaded any content to this page but I am making it a priority to be better about posting from here on out.

Last year I had posted a couple behind the scenes videos and really wanted to make that a regular thing, but as the holiday season got busy the videos kind of fell off. Ive been working quietly lately, sorting through my entire catalog of images, finally putting ideas into motion., and updating the business a bit. I spent the last week putting some old footage from 2017 shoots together, and intend on sharing as much behind the scenes with you all as I can this year. 

Here's a preview from an engagement session last year in Malibu and a few of their favorite photos...

I will be featuring a gallery and BTS video for at least 1 session a month. Nothing fancy just something to let you in on our workday and what I see before and after the image is taken.

 I appreciate you all for viewing!