Old Soul Photography is a Southern California based Photography & Videography company. We have been established since 2005 with well over 200 weddings and too many portrait sessions to count. Our goal is to provide you a personal style of  images that represent our brand and still express the personality of you and your family. We specialize in Wedding, Family & Lifestyle Photography. Recently we have incorporated video into our offerings and have been excited about the great response we are receiving.


Our goal is to provide you with a unique style of  images that represents our brand and still express the personality of you and your family. We are a Team based company and work consistently with each other. This allows us to have a very good understanding of what each other needs to produce the best work we can. We do not sub-contract, everything is kept in house. 

We take pride in our packages and truly believe we are the best value in comparison.

Our style is Modern with a Vintage feel... We capture the personality of your event with an artistic touch that is unique to our Brand.


We also offer Wedding Films…Because we know that photographing your special day will hold all your Memories, but our Films will bring back the Emotion in those moments & the complete feel of your special day. It all goes by so fast and when its all over photo & video will be the two items that you will cherish the most.


At Old Soul we appreciate your business but the true goal is to build a relationship that grows over the years like good friends. Many of our customers are repeat clients and we are proud of the friendships we build. Let us know what you need and we will try our hardest to provide what you are looking for.

Thank You for looking at Old Soul Photography and we hope to work with you soon and if not just drop by the office and say Hello...